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Crowns, fixed prostheses and dentures

In our dental practice in Timisoara, we perform dental prosthetic treatments such as crowns, fixed prostheses and dentures. We use the best materials and types of dental prostheses, so that accommodation takes place as quickly as possible.

Forget about the classical impression that uses trays and needs many appointments for try-ins!
Prismatic Dent owns cutting-edge intraoral scanning technology that helps us achieve natural-looking prosthetic restorations of high-level adaptation and aesthetics.

Stomatolog Timisoara
Stomatolog Timisoara

The treatments we offer are standard solutions: metal-ceramic crowns and premium solutions: crowns made entirely of zirconium, ceramics on zirconium or EMAX fully ceramic crowns. It is recommended that the prostheses be changed every seven years.

Should the remaining natural teeth not be enough to hold a fixed appliance and the implants not be advisable, removable prostheses are made, such as skeletal, telescopic or partial prostheses with clasps.

Also, in cases when a patient has no more teeth, being completely edentulous, we can use full dentures or full dentures sustained by implants as methods of treatment, easily accepted by patients.

Price list

Ceramic crown

Implant-supported denture

Full denture

Fixed dental prostheses



We are a team of dentists from Timisoara with an experience of over 10 years. Our professional activity is performed in a very enjoyable environment.

Phone: 0722 336 800

Timisoara, Aleea Martir Istvan Andrei nr. 10, bl.62, sc.C, ap.2 ( near the County Emergency Clinical Hospital)

CUI: 43781495


By welcoming you into a friendly and comfortable environment, we will help you get rid of the well-known “fear of the dentist”.

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