Odontogenic therapy

Dental Therapy – Obturations And Endodontic Treatment

Our dental services include dental cavities prevention and treatment, using high quality composite materials. Obturations (fillings) are aesthetic, with no difference between the tooth and the obturation.

The treatment of dental cavities is performed in our clinic by talented, highly skilled and patient dentists, without pain, using high-quality composite materials.

Obturations (fillings) are aesthetic, without noticing any difference between the tooth and the obturation. We recommend restoring these dental obturations after five years, due to infiltrations.

Should the tooth nerve be affected, the root canals will be treated mechanically, with the help of cutting-edge devices.

We insert a three-dimensional (3D) filling into the endodontic space of the root canals with the help of the revolutionary system we proudly own.

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We are a team of dentists from Timisoara with an experience of over 10 years. Our professional activity is performed in a very enjoyable environment.

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By welcoming you into a friendly and comfortable environment, we will help you get rid of the well-known “fear of the dentist”.

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