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Professional dental cleaning entails removal of dental plaque and calculus, airflow, professional brushing and polishing, fluoride treatments. Our dental practice offers professional dental cleaning services.

Professional dental cleaning comprises removal of the dental calculus (calculus removal), airflow, brushing, fluoride treatment. Our dental practice offers professional dental cleaning services.


Prevention of dental cavities needs to start with temporary dentition. Premature looses or infections of the temporary teeth (deciduous teeth) can have serious consequences, affecting the permanent dentition, leading to crowding, malpositioned teeth, shape or color changes of the permanent teeth.

The key moment is marked by the emergence of the first permanent molar, which erupts at the age of six, behind the milk teeth. Immediately after erupting, it needs sealing. Also, at the age of 12, when the second molar erupts, sealing its grooves is necessary.

We recommend performing dental cleaning every six months for people with healthy periodontium. For those with periodontal ailments or with orthodontic appliances, we indicate performing hygiene operations once every three months.

Dental cleaning operations entail removing the dental plaque with the help of ultrasounds, removing stains and bacterial plaque with the help of the airflow device (high speed dispersed bicarbonate powder).

The next stage is polishing the dental surfaces by professional brushing, disinfection with mouth wash and dental fluoride treatment. We insist on oral hygiene training. We recommend vertical brushing, using mouth wash, dental floss and changing the toothbrush every 3 months.

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